Lesly, not McBane

I'm Lesly Julien,
comic writer.

Lesly Julien is a comic writer. A husband. A stay-at-home dad. A collection of positive nouns and adjectives, carbon, and so much pizza.

Mcbane the pitbull mix

He enjoys writing stories that touch on the absurd like BIZARRE RIDE, that examine life like GRATITUDE, and that plague his thoughts like how a company might market to supervillains, ROGUE MARKETING.

Lesly is a proud Marylander who moved across the country to San Diego, California for a short time, but now lives in Omaha, Nebraska because kids are expensive.

Lesly writes because he wants to see different stories being told. He is driven to create and share his own in an era where representation is improving, but still lacking.

Find him on social media or contact him via email for work inquiries.

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